Bound and Beaten: Blly Duro and Trey Walker

Lured to a tree in the forest by shaved-headed hottie Billy Duro, hairy muscle stud Trey Walker strips down with his bud as the two kiss. Their two meaty, pierced cocks soon throb out of their leather chaps, and Duro drops down to feast on his bud’s big bulge after pulling on his engorged, pierced nipples. Duro smacks Walker’s balls before tying him to a tree, making him helpless to the continued nipple, stomach, cock and ball torture—action alternated with satisfyingly deep sucks on Walker’s big meat. Tony Buff briefly joins the duo to help Duro secure Walker to the tree using cling wrap, mummifying the stud from neck to ankle. Small holes are cut to give Walker’s cock and nipples a release while opening them to more of Duro’s abuse. The tormenter pulls on Walker’s giant nipples and balls, beats on his stomach and spits on his face before binding their cocks together by their Prince Alberts in a hot shot. Duro then breaks out clamps and clothespins to use on Walker’s nipples and sack (“Thank you, sir!”) before mercifully releasing his captive. Walker is then tied to two tree stumps and bent over for a hot fuck from behind, ending when Duro’s big wad lands on the bottom’s ass.



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