Chad Brock and Drew Driver

The scene starts out with Chad Brock and Drew Drive locking lips, Drew sucking on Brock’s nipples and hard cock poking out of his jeans. After some face fucking, Chad bends over the bench with Drew eating his ass while jerking himself. Then Drew wants so suck some more cock and crawls under Brock still leaning on the bench. A finger or two now in Brock’s ass while sucking his cock and we get a great shot of Brock’s geishe and ass. After getting both men heated up, it’s time for Brock to prime and pump Drew’s ass. Drew’s turn on the bench with some great shots from the cameraman underneath the action as Brock drives his cock deep in Drew’s ass. From doggy style to missionary and back, these two men keep the cameraman hopping. Brock blows all over Drews ass then shoves it back in to finish off before Drew sucks the last drop and cleans up Brock’s cock. Download the full video here!


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