Cream’n Bottoms 2

We’re back for more Latin creampie! Gerardo and Max were about to do the laundry, but the clothes aren’t nearly as dirty as their minds. Before the clothes even get into the washer, they start to undress each other and kiss. Max has a fat Latin pole and Gerardo sucks that cock servicing his stud. Max responds to Gerardo’s sucking by fingering his hole. Feeling horny for it, he sticks his tongue inside and gives that ass a tongue bath. Soon Max sticks his bare dick inside it using his wet saliva as the lube, and fucks and spanks that ass. Gerardo’s dick remains hard as Max invades his ass, and the anal pounding continues. Finally Gerardo climbs up on the counter and sticks his leg in the air so Max can slam his hole some more, which he does. Max fucks with such force that Gerardo blows his wad. Gerardo gets down on the floor to hopefully receive a face full of that man jizz, but Max is a wild shooter and most of it flies right over him. Some of it lands on his chest and he grabs the uncut cock to gob the remaining drops with his lips. Download the Full Video @

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