Edge of Glory

Raunchy daddies John Wesco and Romeo push themselves to EDGE of ENDURANCE and GLORY in the depths of the Berlin dungeon. Romeo pleasures himself with an Extremely Large Dildo. He pushes himself pretty far, expanding his raw asshole to a width never before achieved. John Wesco has a look at that ass and is ready to feed it. Wesco gets Romeo to turn his attentions toward him for a while, and the guys trade Blow Jobs. Even though Romeo looked like he had more than enough already, Wesco decides to work him over any way. Romeo is actually up to more after all, and the two men throw themselves into the coupling with surprising stamina and ferocity. Wesco fucks and fists that ass pushing Romeo further and further, before force feeding him some glorious jizz. Push it to the EDGE of GLORY!Download the full video in the highest quality at DaddyRaunch.com.

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