Flogged, Fucked and Hosed

Gavin is SIR and Devan is boy in the first part of this hot fuckin’ leather mega-scene that had my bone throbbin’ the entire time. SIR restrains boy to the wall and makes him beg to be used. Sir expertly warms up boy’s back with just the right amount of punching and slapping, then goes to work on it with a flogger. SIR soon has boy writhing in ecstasy and begging for more as boy’s endorphins begin to flow. After SIR flogs and teases boy, he finishes him off with a dragon’s tail, then inserts it in boy’s ass. Blake Daniels then cools boy’s red ass off with a nice load of piss. Dylan Saunders is then put on a bench, fucked by Gavin and hosed down by Boy Fillmore. Pain pig, cum pig and piss pig Devan hasn’t had enough, so he replaces Dylan on the bench and gives himself up to the group. Gavin wastes no time and gets his thick cock way up into Devan’s eager guts. Watching Gavin’s cock piston in and out of Devan’s ass puts Boy Fillmore and Dayton O’Connor over the edge, so they shoot loads together on Devan’s ass, which Boy Fillmore then pushes deep into Devan’s cum-hungry gut. Gavin and Boy Fillmore feed Devan piss from both ends while he’s servicing Blake’s big meat. Blake shoots a big cum load in Devan’s mouth and all over the bench. Devan laps up every drop and is one happy, well-fucked and well-used boy.


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