Fuck, Fist and Piss Mates

Rowdy slams Kyle down onto the table, lubes his cock with spit and slams it into Kyle’s begging, open hole. Rowdy fucks the hungry hole sensually, then pounds the living shit out of it, while huge cocked Kyle strokes his long, fat meat. Cope takes over and delivers a major high energy fuck, opening Kyle’s voracious hole even further. Kyle gets flipped over on his back and fucked some more while Rowdy suits up in a black industrial glove. Kyle gets fed cock from both ends by Rowdy and Cope, all the while stroking his fat, fuckin’ tasty, hard piece o’ meat. James unleashes a stream of piss on Kyle’s chest and Cope’s cock, which cranks up the pig factor a notch. Rowdy fists Kyle’s open hole and Kyle rides that hand like a champ. Pretty soon, the sensations are too much for Kyle to take and he spews a fuckin’ river of thick, white mancum, which he licks up and shares with Rowdy. The rest of it gets shoved into his freshly fucked and fisted hole. Rowdy then hops in the tub, where he’s fed a 3-minute torrent of piss by Derek Parker.

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