Jayson Park Fucks Drew Sumrok

It’s a first here on HDK! Our favorite little “piggy bottom boy” becomes a “full blown hog!” Jayson Park tops in his first bareback scene for HDK and coaches Drew Sumrok on how to be a good little boy. Starting out with some cock sucking lessons, Jayson holds the back on Drew’s head teaching him on to be a “good boy”… “all the way down, there ya go, c’mon boy, fuckin’ enjoy it” we hear Jayson telling Drew. “Gonna be fucking your ass,” yeah, “that’s gonna be your fuckin’ ass”, “good boy, c’mon c’mon” as Jayson lays back to give Drew access to his ass for some rimming. DAMN I’m ready to blow already and they’re just getting started!! Drew now gets to face fuck Jayson laying back on the bench while twisting on his nipples. Jayson breaks it up and man handles Drew throwing him up on the bench and starts rimming Drew’s ass and then the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Jayson drives his cock into Drew’s ass, no easing it in, no steady as she goes, just WHAM and drives his cock deep in Drew’s ass. Listen to the sound of Jayson pounding Drew’s ass… “FWAP FWAP FWAP” and Drew’s grunts and groans “fuck yeah, yeah, fuck.” Watching Jayson put Drew through the ringer you definitely get the idea this isn’t the first time Jayson has topped a guy, but it’s the first on camera for HDK and he’s one formidable top! Jayson pulls out to blow his load all over Drew’s asshole and then shoves it back in to finish cumming before he leans down to lick it up and clean Drew’s ass and then takes Drew’s load in his mouth and across the face. This is one intense scene you won’t want to miss. Download the full video here!

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