Leather Guys:  Doug Acre and Vinnie Stefano

On his knees and a crop clenched in his teeth, Doug Acre awaits his new master, Vinnie Stefano. Vinnie arrives and makes it clear that Doug Acre won’t get his master’s cock so easy; he’ll have to prove his mettle through pain. Vinnie reddens the slave’s pale chest with the riding crop for the first test. Since he took the crop so well, Vinnie has the hungry slave gag on his cock. Now it’s time to fuck. Doug has his arms tied backward as another rope pulls his cock to the ground, ass presented out for his master. Vinnie plunges deep inside Doug and gives him a rough fucking. Vinnie covers Doug in heavy chains between two pillars and gets his flogging arm warmed up for a vicious session. Moving a U-shaped platform, he gives Doug’s balls another stretch with a cluster of weights and eats his pink hole. Now Vinnie’s ready to fuck again and stuffs Doug into the platform gap headfirst. He piledrives Doug’s ass until he’s ready to spray the slave’s face in hot cum. After suffering through all the torment dutifully, Doug earns the privilege of blowing his own load onto Vinnie’s boot.



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