Leather Men: Alexx Desley and Tristan Stone

If you like your men hairy, burly, plenty pierced, heavily tattooed and your sex filthy, nasty and very, very wet, then I think you’re going to enjoy this! Tristan stone sits astride a trashed sofa arm in black leather jeans and a harness. Running his hands through his thick furry body hair, playing with his pierced nipple and unzipping his trousers, he’s in desperate need of something. Yeah, he wants to get off but theres something else. Getting his long cock out and teasing his pierced bell-end he lets out a low groan and jets some streams of hot piss up his body, soaking his stomach hair and splashing off his leather. In walks Alexx Desley to inspect whats going on, there’s a hesitation and anticipation between them both before Alexx gets his equally big knob out too and joins in the piss party. Soaking each other, getting filthy & hard they kiss and splash each other at the same time. Alex drops to his leather clad knees to nosh off Tristan’s fat pierced meat while he lies back, cleaning off the piss, for now. Tristan gets down to return the favour, Alexx’s PA piercing even bigger than his, he has no trouble taking it all down his throat, gagging a little just for fun. Bending his hairy arse over, Tristan is ready for whatever Alexx is going to give him, another muscle-cub soaking followed by a hard fuck! Piss dripping and splashing everywhere, adding to the slapping sound of each fuck thrust! Flip time and Alexx lays back letting Tristan slide into his wet hole. He fucks away while Alexx continues to piss over both of them and the furniture! Wet and wild? I think these guys just went well beyond that description!



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