Leather Pigs 1

Damn, I smell leather and hole down here in this dank cage. The only way “in” or out, is to fuck; these boys fight for it as they pleasure all in charge. As a pair “sling up” and the top checks the goods, fuckin’ rock hard to this “ass-ersion” of what a real man is. Oh daddy, moans the boy man-handled by the cock in charge. As all the boys get their fill and the bears seed, the hairy holes start to look alike and feel even better. Sure of a “happy ending,” the bears choose their holes one by one until, even the “left overs” are selected. As for the bottoms, don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be left with an impression we could only dream of; some even get to lick up afterwards. Snowballing also seems to be in season as the white flows from mouth to mouth in reciprocity. Oh boy or boys, pass the grease, looks like the tops are in need of some lube with some real viscosity. “Stretch that hole,” begs one of the boys as his daddy makes sure his boy is well-fed. Shit, this is only the beginning of these leather and lust parties; there’s a lot more to cum. Starring: Ray Butler, Rob Edwards, Steve Hurley, Lex Craig, Rob Wright, Bob Lowe, Rex Thomas, Kevin Scott and Dutchpig.



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