Leather Pigs Part Three

Oh damn, DaddyRaunch.com is back with a whole lot of hole and bears to fuck ’em good. Caged and ready to serve, the first boy even “cums” with an extra talent, holding his daddy’s cigar. As his ass is plowed and his “cage rattled,” he’s brought out. Hearing his favorite words, “spread those legs fucker,” this sweaty bottom opens up fully on the fuck bench; looks like this “benchwarmer” is going to get the full treatment. “Give it up boy,” is all he needs to hear to show his daddy a great time. Picking out a toy for his boy, the top penetrates and palpates the boy’s prostate until he blows all over his leather chaps. A nice furry, cum covered kiss is shared by the two, woof. On a bike, this “quickie” is about a sloppy hole and a penis with a big ring. Bent over the bike, the bottom waits for the nut and is happy with the load. Showing his appreciation, he then turns to the daddy and sucks him dry. Apparently, this fun “cums” with an optional “Harley ride.” Chained and slapped, the happy piggy is up for grabs as a group of daddies work him over; even the action in the background is worth a wank. Trading the bottom off, all have a turn with him; damn, just imagine the sweet smell of his hole: a mixture of leather, cock and ass. Going in for some close-ups, we get to the “fire in the hole” as the daddies blow their loads. Some newbies show up to “add to the spoils;” they’re going to “fit in” nicely; one sucks cock like he’s been born to breed, nice. He is later taught some patience from his daddy as he is told to “wait” and then is allowed to suck the tip of the top’s head to get every last drop of jizz.


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