Leather Predators – Scene 4

Damn, look at those gloves on Kyle Braun, someone’s gonna get dirty. Gio Ryder, in the blue strap, will bottom today; ass up baby, and open like you mean it for this HDKRaw.com fuck-a-thon. After Kyle gets a “taste” of his boy, he lets Gio “suck for his supper.” Engulfing Kyle’s thick “pump dump,” the bottom just keeps opening his throat and “coating” the top’s cock. “Get those balls,” commands Kyle as the camera goes below. Turning the boy around for a “hole” new experience, Kyles ready to shift it into “overdrive.” Working his way around Gio’s hole, Kyle soon gets in rhythm; the pounding is rock-hard and the zoomed in angles are “constricted.” Making the boy do some of the work, the top lies back and lets Gio “carry the beat.” Legs spread, the mouth given by Kyle gets Gio “in position” for a thick creamy load that the two then share. “Taste your ass on that cock,” quips Kyle as Gio drops to his knees and continues a great “spit and polish” job. Blowing on the boy’s face, the top rubs in what he’s just “dumped.”



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