Leather Rubber Pigs: Darius Ferdynand and Nick North

Nick in boots, skin tight black rubber leggings and yellow braces, his glorious torso is on full show and thick muscular thighs perfectly encased. He eyes up and down an equally stunning Darius in a black and orange rubber wrestling suit, socks and hi-tops. Both guys are crotch in hand, glaring at each other and literally full to bursting, ready for some wet play. The guys get close and run their hand of the slick gear and hard muscular bodies, kissing and crotch zips come down, both guys are hard and ready to go, in every way possible! Darius drops to his knees to service Nicks’s hard and full cock, sucking him hard, waiting for the hot streams to soak him. Unleashing a small amount at first, then totally hosing him down, Nick’s bladder starts to empty. Darius pulls open the chest of his wrestling suit and lets him fill him up…hot! Swap time and Darius takes a high seat, Nick on his rubber clad knees and takes a proper soaking, I mean it just keeps coming and coming! Nicks gorgeous body totally shower wet. Darius’s thick cock gets a good blowing from nick, milking the all the piss and pre-cum out of there. Darius bends over in the middle of the set and Nick takes advantage of the full zip though on his suit, showing off his perfect arse crack and hole, before he hoses him down yet again! Wet, dripping, rubber clad arse, ready for fucking. Lubed up enough, Nick slips into his arse, building up the pace to a hard and vigorous pounding. Darius moans like a pro and takes everything Nick gives him. Squatting over Nick Darius sits down on his cock, the gear stays on and the fuck keeps going. We always recommend a full zip-through on your gear, if you like that sort of thing! Darius rides Nick, hard cock bouncing around and still pissing, soaking them both as they fuck. Wet and messy, dirty guys, skin tight rubber, piss fuelled and cum soaked, you won’t forget about this scene in a hurry!



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