Leather Sex: Alex Hawk and Jaxton Wheeler

New comer Alex Hawk shoots his very first adult video ever, and it’s with industry veteran leather muscle stud Jaxton Wheeler. Unfortunately for his first job, Alex shows up late and Jaxton meets him at the door, not wanting any excuses. Jaxton wants to make sure Alex knows who is the master and commands him to remove his shirt, drop down on all fours and start licking his leather boot like the bad puppy he is. Jaxton tells Alex to remove his belt, pull down his pants and kneel on the floor again. Jaxton takes the belt, makes a lease out of it and commands his pup to stand up, lick his armpits and nipples. Pushing Alex back to his knees, Jaxton frees his cock from the confines of his leather pants; wagging it in front of Alex like a chew toy in front of a dog. Alex is finally permitted to take the bone and he sucks every last inch as deep as it will go. Jaxton puts his hand on the back of Alex’s head and begins face fucking him until Alex is gagging on his cock. To further insure who is master, Jaxton turns his ass to Alex, shoves Alex’s face into his hole and commands him to lick his ass until it’s clean. Jaxton has Alex bend over the bench, takes his cock and points it right for Alex’s ass. He very quickly buries his cock deep inside Alex and Alex moans very loudly with a definite pained pleasure. Jaxton goes to town ripping Alex a new asshole. The pounding is incredibly intense and when Alex is finally permitted to touch his own cock he blows his load onto his leg and stomach. Jaxton pulls out quickly, straddles Alex’s face and dumps a huge load of jizz all over Alex’s face and mouth. As Alex licks up his tasty treat his new master walks away, leaving him lying in his sweat and cum.


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