Leather Sex:  Diego De La Hoya and Owen Hawk

Owen Hawk is perched on a motorcycle, daydreaming of riding down the streets of San Francisco like the tough guys he’s always fantasized about shagging. Problem is he’s on Diego De La Hoya’s bike who’s none to happy to find him on his property. Diego immediately thrusts the stud onto his knees to suck his juicy Puerto Rican dick. Owen can’t help but gag on the brown meat stuffed into his mouth (while Diego orders him around in the hottest Spanglish that’ll have you in a full-on fever!) The sight of Owen’s pretty 8 1/2 incher soon has Diego on his knees returning the favor. Next Diego bends the boy over his bike, dick splayed backwards, and inspects the big round butt he’s about to use. His dick slams right in the boy’s ass, teaching Hawk a lesson about staying off other people’s property. Diego decides Owen’s big stiff prick would best be used up his own butt and he soon spins around to take it. Hawk looks sexy as fuck stuffing our beefy Latin stud with his long straight pole. After the two fuck each other to exhaustion, Owen sticks a huge dildo to the floor, mounts it and waits to be showered with Diego’s huge load. After Owen cums, the greedy boy scrapes the cum off the floor and sticks it into his filthy mouth.


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