Manly Seduction – Insurance Man: Hugo Martin, Brad Hern, Maikel Cash

Hugo Martin is willing to do whatever it takes to get this account, and at what lengths will he go. Hugo and Brad return to the house to find Maikel Cash having a leisurely afternoon. They have other ideas in store for him as they strip off their suit coats and shirts down to their leather harnesses. All three men take pleasure in watching the other stroke his hard cock. Hugo and Brad straddle Maikel so that he can orally pleasure them. Brad then takes on a position where he is able to orally gratify himself while Maikel plunges deep within his hole. Maikel continues to bang away at Brad and with each penetrating thrust Brad’s cock is forced into his own awaiting mouth. Hugo is stroking away at his hard cock in amazement at the wild pleasure he is admiring. Maikel pummels Brad’s hole until Brad erupts his hot load in his mouth. Enthralled with the sensation engulfing his cock as Brad releases his load, Maikel pounds harder and deeper until he unleashes his creamy load all over Brad’s wet hole. Hugo then takes his turn on Brad’s tight ass as Brad sucks on Maikel’s huge cock. Hugo fucks his hole hard and deep until he delivers his huge load all over Brad’s ass and then proceeds to lick it all clean.



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