Men In Leather: Dean Flynn and Geoffrey Paine

Making his way through the curtained hallways, Tony Buff follows the sound of masculine moans. He spies on muscle studs Dean Flynn and Geoffrey Paine as they grapple on the wrestling mat in nothing but harnesses and leather boots. It doesn’t take long for Dean to pin his bearded opponent, straddling Geoffrey’s face to feed him his rock-hard cock and bursting balls. On his back, the tattooed stud then travels south, planting his bristly chin inside Dean’s hole before the two 69. Dean stands and feeds his throbber to Geoffrey, whose beard gets wet with deep-throat spit. Dean then drops to his knees, his own boner pulsing as he services Geoffrey—who bounces his leather boot on Dean’s package. Dean ties Geoffrey’s shoelace around his own sac and shaft, creating a cock ring before firing his load onto his bud’s boot—which he licks up before getting a load on his back.

Dean then takes back control, fucking Geoffrey from behind—grabbing on to the bottom’s waist as he thrusts faster. “Nice hole!” compliments Dean as Geoffrey moans louder, the two soon hitting the floor for more. The bottom jacks his stiff slab as he gets pounded on his side, then rolls on his back. The two finally squeeze out their juice, dousing Geoffrey’s hairy chest.



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