Raw Leather: Lanz Adams and Daemon Sadi

At Inn Leather, in Fort Lauderdale, Lanz Adams and Daemon Sadi are making out. Clad in his leather harness and inked, bearded sexy hipster bear Lanz is all about getting Daemon down on his nipples and chewing the fuck out of them. However, the action soon turns to some very serious cock sucking as they each try to take the other down to the balls, fucking face and fucking throat. Adam soon gets Daemon on his belly on the sling, ass out so he can rim that hungry hole deep. With nothing but spit and sweat for lube, Adam then slides his fat cock in Daemon’s sweet black ass, fucking the dog bareback before pulling out for a bit of ass-to-mouth. Daemon is all too eager to add his spit to the slick mix before giving up his hole once more for Lanz to ride. With the heavy-duty pounding it’s a wonder Daemon could walk the next guy but we can see why he popped the load that he did!



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