Swing Domination Fetish

If you’re getting fucked by your superior, expect it to be nasty! This scene involves an older superior guy banging on his private at his place. It’s a pretty badass fuck session as the guy gets his ass wrecked by his chief. The session starts with the guy laying down at the swing and letting the old guy’s hard rock cock nail him deep. Yeah he’s pretty much submissive and his chief likes it. The chief’s into domination so he gives his partner some hard time taking on his rampaging dick inside his ass. After nailing him hard, the guy stuffs that cock in his mouth, gags it rough and chokes. He’s tasting his ass but he’s not complaining, in fact he wants to plug it in his mouth and munch it. He then sticks’ that cock in his manhole again, riding it on top like a cowboy from the west. His chief wants him to lick his arms and body that include his nipple which turned hard. He’s so turned on with his private’s performance, he’s such a great lover and pleases him very well. The chief unloads his jizz while this private gives him a blowjob then when it’s private’s turn to explode, chief is ready to swallow his load. He gulps it down his throat after taking that blast and sucks his cock, not releasing it until all the jizz drips down and not putting it to waste. Chief loves it and he is very pleased!


Leather Sling


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