Wet and Wide: Scene 1: Thor Larsson & Ethan Ayers

As he kisses salt-and-pepper bearded Thor Larsson, Ethan Ayers slaps the stud’s hairy pecs. The mohawked Ethan licks Thor’s pit, then tugs on his balls—hanging low in a stretcher. Thor licks his bud’s pit, then deep throats his thick slab. Ethan returns the favor, nibbling on Thor’s foreskin. Thor gets on his knees, begging for piss—which quickly flies into his mouth, drenching Thor’s body as the thirsty fucker spits some back up. Ethan eats him out before fucking him deep. On his back, Thor gets a big dildo twisted in, a smiling Ethan punching the base. The alpha slides his fist inside, slowly working his second fist in as Thor guides the muscular forearm. With one arm out, Ethan continues to fist him as Thor grips his own boner. “Piss on my hole!” he demands, Ethan dousing the red center. Ethan slides his left fist in again, Thor slapping his boner on the stud’s face. Ethan slides his right arm inside at the same time, both arms in deep as Thor grunts. Ethan swings him back and forth, Thor lifting his ass in the air. With one arm out, Ethan fists him deep—nearly up to his elbow. Thor squirts before getting another stream of piss all over him.

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